Signature Massage Services

Embark on an ultimate wellness adventure, with our collection of masterfully curated massage experiences.

The Asian Inferno

$175 / 90 minutes

Ignite your senses with The Asian Inferno, an exclusive massage by Be Balanced Bodywork! Using Himalayan hot stones and a Thai herbal compress, it rejuvenates your body, igniting your senses.

Includes: Thai Herbal Compress, Himalayan Hot Stones

The Royal Treatment

$175 / 90 minutes

Treat yourself with  The Royal Treatment, a unique massage featuring Himalayan salt stones, CBD oil, and salt scrubs. Rejuvenate your skin, release muscle tension, and embrace pure relaxation.

Includes: Himalayan Salt Stones, CBD Oil, Full Body Salt Scrub 

Mind, Body, and Sole

$175 / 90 minutes

Relax and rejuvenate your soles with Mind, Body, and Sole, a specialty massage by Be Balanced. Combining Reiki and reflexology, it offers mental clarity and full-body renewal.

Includes: Reiki Massage, Reflexology Massage

Blissed Out

$175 / 90 minutes

Experience bliss with our luxurious massage with a salt/sugar scrub for smooth skin, enhanced with cupping, Himalayan salt stones, and lavender oil. Relax deeply with deep tissue massage, yoga balm, and CBD oil in this holistic oasis.

Includes: Salt and Sugar Scrub, Cupping, Himalayan Salt Stones, Lavender Essential Oil, Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga Balm, CBD Oil


Sweet and Salty

$175 / 90 minutes

Savor the harmonious blend of sweet and salty delights with our massage including full-body salt and sugar scrubs, plus calming Himalayan hot stones. These treatments refresh and revitalize, offering transformative benefits for body and mind.

Includes: Full Body Salt Scrub, Full Body Sugar Scrub, Himalayan Hot Stones

Sensory Activation

$175 / 90 minutes

Broaden your senses with our Thieves Oil-infused massage and hot stone therapy. Experience both Reiki and reflexology for a holistic touch. Treat yourself to rejuvenation of body and mind while developing your senses.

Includes: 5 essential oils diffused or Thieves Oil plus two others, Hot Stone Massage, and choice of Reiki/Reflexology.