Be Balanced Massage Services

Explore our services, and learn more about the wellness benefits of each form of traditional massage that we offer.

Reiki Massage

Starting at $75 / 60 minutes

Reiki massage utilizes gentle touch to balance energy, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being by clearing blockages and restoring harmony within the body, leading to reduced stress, pain relief, and a profound sense of peace, vitality and healing.

Thai Yoga Massage

Starting at $75 / 60 minutes

Thai yoga massage combines assisted yoga poses, rhythmic compressions, and acupressure to boost flexibility and relaxation. By enhancing energy flow and circulation, it revitalizes the body, offering renewed balance and well-being.

Swedish Massage

Starting at $75 / 60 minutes

Swedish massage employs gentle, flowing strokes to ease tension, improve circulation, and induce relaxation. Experience blissful rejuvenation and pure relaxation as stress melts away under skilled hands.

Deep Tissue Massage

Starting at $90 / 60 minutes

Deep tissue massage targets deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to alleviate chronic tension and pain. Experience profound relief and enhanced mobility with this therapeutic modality.


Hot Stone Massage

Starting at $90 / 60 minutes

Hot stone massage uses heated stones to relax muscles, alleviate tension, and promote deep relaxation. Experience soothing warmth and blissful tranquility as the stones melt away stress.

Mobile Massage

Starting at $70 / 60 minutes

Mobile massage brings relaxation to your doorstep, offering the convenience of professional therapy in the comfort of your own space. Experience personalized treatments tailored to your needs without leaving home.